The Magic of "MADE FOR YOU" Apparel

When we tailor your clothing, you are the only one considered.  Your suit is not based on some typical body style or made in a fabric someone else likes in a style that a designer thinks may be "hot".  Our suits "MADE FOR YOU" are just that.  The most important name on the label is yours.  It's made with only you in mind because they are your measurements, posture and proportions.  It's a fabric you like and want because you selected it before it was even cut.  It's a model and style just right for you, your profession, your wardrobe and your taste, because they were all taken into consideration before the first needle was threaded.  As your garment is handled by a cutter, a tailor and a presser, your name starts with it and stays with it.  They are making your suit, using your pattern, the way you want it - not just hundreds of suits for nameless wearers.


Why Suit Yourself

The key reasons our clients select Suit Yourself  and continue to allow us to be their tailors are as follows:

  • Convenience - We come to you at a time and place you select.  No wasted time driving, parking, shopping and returning.

  • Fit - We take 33 measurements, which are analyzed by our New York pattern maker to create your individual pattern.

  • Selection - Choose from hundreds of fabrics in several price ranges in the model and style you desire.  You don't have to settle.

  • Expertise - Draw on 30 years of experience for as much "advise and consent" as you need.

  • Full Service - We come to you for selection, delivery and future fittings.  We contact you regularly and keep you abreast of current trends.

  • Undivided Attention - Unlike a store, we only work with one client at a time.

  • Complete Business Wardrobe - Suits, sport coats, slacks, shirts, ties, belts, braces, hose, shoes, accessories, tuxedos, topcoats.  Everything the well dressed professional needs for the total business look.

  • Guarantee - If you're not satisfied, we'll start all over.  No risk.

  • Appreciation - "No One Loves You Like We Do."



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